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FAQ for S.A.N.D Events and Gifts

Learn more about our event planning services and personalized gifts items by reviewing our frequently asked questions section below. For more details, feel free to reach us at (904) 349-1265.

Why do you charge a design fee on top of the package price?

The design fee is to pay for our team to design your project! Did you know when we are designing your event from start to finish, it is over 2,000 hours just for one event alone? When you divide up the designing fee by that amount of hours it comes out to be $1.25 a head. That is the most affordable price you will get around!

What do type of events does S.A.N.D Events and Gifts specialize in?

We specialize in planning theme events and parties (such as the 1920s, Hollywood, Masquerade, Murder Mystery, etc.) and elevate them to match your personality, vision, and interest.

S.A.N.D Events and Gifts also offers professional wedding planning services, as well as event planning for corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby and bridal showers, school events, and other private parties.

Why do you have percentage pricing in your contracts?

We created a vendor team that is amazing! Just like you are vetting vendors to match your personality. We created a team that has our core values in place and cares about you and your vision. If we work with outside vendors, we charge a 10% fee for each vendor you find on your own. The 10% fee excludes caterers, venues, and officiants.

Do you offer payment plans?


We have partnered up with VUE to create an easier payment system just for our clients. You can apply using our link.

Do you require a down payment?


We require a down payment at the time of signing the contract. Each payment made to us is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is because we have put in the time and effort to secure your date and work on your event. You agree to these terms and conditions once the contract is signed.

How long have you been in the industry?

S.A.N.D Events & Gifts has been in the event planning industry for over 16 years.

Do we need to provide wedding or event permits and insurance?

Some locations do require permits, and these are determined by location. As for wedding or event insurance, we strongly advise getting wedding or event insurance for your occasion. We have suppliers we can recommend to you so, you can obtain insurance for the event day.

When is the full payment due?

Full payments are due 30 days out from the date of the event.

*Unless you are on a VUE payment plan.

Why is it important to hire a wedding and event planner vs asking my family or friends?

Family and friends can be opinionated and sometimes do not have your best interest at heart. We have found that when a family or friends are helping with creating your day, they have their own opinions that can conflict with what you want, and we have seen where the “marriers” break down and give in to them. In addition to this, the family and friends tend to have less fun at your event because they are busy with timelines and outside vendors. When you hire us, our main goal is all about the “marriers” (you) and your vision! Our main job is to ensure your timeline is followed and vendors are on time.

Since you offer personalized gifts, do you have other gifts besides what is in your shop? Can this be included in my packages?


We offer a wide range of items some of which are not listed on our website due to us only offering them to our clients. Yes, the items you pick out for your event can be included in your package price. These can be custom party favors, branded items for corporate events, and more!

Do you have a Facebook business page?

We do!

It is called “SAND Events & Gifts LLC”

Do you offer honeymoon ideas or bookings?

Yes, we do!

We own a Travel Agency, called “S.A.N.D Romantic Getaways”.

Do you do events outside of Florida? If so, does the travel fee apply?

Yes! S.A.N.D Events and Gifts is based in Palm Coast, Florida, and we proudly offer event planning in Florida and beyond. We gladly travel all around the United States!

Yes, we charge for gas and hotel room stays needed depending on location.

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Our team of certified event planning specialists are ready to help you plan the event of your dreams! From weddings to corporate events and every event in between, we offer our services anywhere in the United States. Fill out our consultation form to get started! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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